The Swedish Aleph User Group (Alephswe) was formed in 1998. At present it has 15 members libraries.
The main tasks and activities of Alephswe are the following:

  • To provide a forum for the exchange of practical experiences.
  • To inform about local developments and programs of common interest.
  • To coordinate the Swedish Aleph libraries and maintain a list of development requests.
  • To provide a common contact point to the national distributor Fujitsu.
  • To keep in touch with IGeLU and other user groups.
  • To run a discussion list (Alephswe).
  • To run an Alephswe web site.

Alephswe organizes two meetings/ year. The autumn meeting of 2004 was held in October in Umeå, and in 2005 the spring meeting was held in Stockholm, at the Library of the National Institute For Working Life. There is a board with 4 members and several enhancement groups, each of which focus on one module of ALEPH.

The membership has been free until 2003. From 2004 we have agreed to a small membership fee.

Alephswe maintains a web site, which can be reached at http://alephswe.kb.se and a closed discussion list, contact Anders Blomgren (anders.blomgren@kb.se)

Activities and development of Alephswe

As the ALEPH system grows more and more stable and the local distributor, Fujitsu, has found the means to facilitate and standardize the upgradings, the focus has gradually changed towards keeping each other informed about successes, problems and local developments, maintaining the list of development requests and coordinating common interests in contacts with Fujitsu and LIBRIS, the National Union Catalogue of Swedish Libraries.

The situation in 2005

During 2005 most of the Swedish ALEPH libraries have migrated or are planning to migrate from version 14.2 to version 16.2. For each new migration the organization and support from our agent Fujitsu grows a bit smoother. The AUG-UKI document with "requirements for ALEPH upgrade procedure", that we adopted to Swedish conditions and sent to Fujitsu in 2003, has contributed considerably to give us better upgrading procedures. The client interfaces were radically changed between version 14 and 16. Therefore a great deal of effort has been laid on educating the staff in handling the old functions in new ways.
The Swedish ALEPH libraries are academic and special libraries and most of them have their own IT staff. This makes it easier to customize and maintain the system. However, the lack of complete documentation is a problem.
Many Swedish libraries have made local developments themselves and/or with the assistance of Fujitsu. Most of the developments aim to facilitate loan procedures, especially self service for end users and ILL.

Contacts with the local distributor

After the initial difficulties during the implementation phase of ALEPH 500 in Sweden (1998-2000), the contacts with the distributor Fujitsu (earlier ICL) has improved substantially and at the moment the user satisfaction level in Sweden is relatively high. There is now a constructive relationship between Fujitsu and Alephswe. Fujitsu arranges courses for users in managing different parts of ALEPH and also joint seminars in Copenhagen for the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian users. Special developments are made by Fujitsu, often in cooperation with one or more of the ALEPH libraries. A substantial portion of the Alephswe meetings are devoted to presentations made by Fujitsu about current developments and new releases/versions of ALEPH.

Contacts with the Swedish cooperative system LIBRIS

Sweden has since 1974 a cooperative union catalogue, LIBRIS, to which the university libraries and also other libraries contribute. The LIBRIS system has during the years developed new functions, such as ILL. LIBRIS has, in cooperation with reference groups of staff from Swedish libraries, during the last year developed a national portal, built on the LIBRIS union catalogue and SFX/Metalib. There is also an ongoing investigation to explore the possibilities of developing LIBRIS into a local system to in the long run replace the present different local systems. As we are very content with the way the ALEPH system works, we are somewhat concerned that the stability and quality of such a new common national system will not match the ALEPH systems level.

After an initiative from Alephswe LIBRIS has formed a contact group between LIBRIS and representatives from the different library systems in Sweden. The aim of this contact group is to coordinate the needs and views of the users, e g the different local library systems. The first and so far the only meeting was held in November 2004.

Alephswe IGeLU engagement

Ragnar Helin is responsible for the IGeLU Newsletter.
Christian Zeising is one of the coordinators for Circulation.
Eva Törnblom is a member in a focus group for improving the ILL function.

Göran Skogmar in memoriam

In April 2005 one of our central personalities, Göran Skogmar, died in lung cancer. His death is a great loss for the Alephswe community and also for ICAU, where he for many years has played a very important role in the work of developing Aleph. We will for a long time remember his positive person and his knowledge, skill and intelligence.

Ulrika Domellöf Mattsson, chair of the board
Ulrika Domellöf-Mattson
Christian Zeising, vice-chair of the board
Ragnar Helin, member of the board, treasurer
Eva Törnblom, member of the board, secretary

The following libraries are members of Alephswe:

The Government Offices Library
Contact person: Ms. Elisabeth Larson Olin
Contact person: Ms. Monika Erhardsson
Email: monika.erhardsson@adm.ministry.se

Jönköping University Library
Aleph catalogue: http://julia.hj.se/F
Primo: http://hj.se/bibl.html

Contact person: Ms. Eva Törnblom

Library of the Royal Academy of letters, History and Antiquities
Homepage: http://www.raa.se/cms/en/library/library.html
Aleph catalogue: http://vitalis.raa.se/F
Contact person: Ms. Annika Eriksson
Email: annika.eriksson@raa.se

Library of the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV)
Homepage: http://www.fmv.se/WmTemplates/Page.aspx?id=252
Aleph catalogue:
Contact person: Mr. Bengt Keijn

Library of the Swedish Parliament
Homepage: http://www.riksdagen.se/templates/R_Page____832.aspx
Aleph catalogue: http://hermes.riksdagen.se
Contact person: Mr. Ragnar Helin
Email: ragnar.helin@riksdagen.se

Luleå University Library
Aleph catalogue: http://lucia.lib.ltu.se/F
Contact person: Ms. Karin Westerberg
Email: Karin.Westerberg@lib.luth.se

Mid Sweden University Library
Homepage: http://www.miun.se/eng
Aleph catalogue:www.bib.miun.se/katalogen

Contact person: Ms. Britt-Marie Sohlström
Email: Britt-Marie.Sohlstrom@miun.se

Nordic Africa Institute Library
Homepage: http://www.nai.uu.se/library/
Aleph catalogue: http://noak.nai.uu.se

Contact person: Mr. Gunnar Lindbom
Email: gunnar.lindbom@nai.uu.se

The Royal Library
Homepage: http://www.kb.se/ENG/kbstart.htm
Aleph catalogue: http://regina.kb.se
Contact person: Mr. Christian Zeising
Email: christian.zeising@kb.se

Swedish Agricultural University Libray
Homepage: http://www.slu.se/en/library/
Aleph catalogue: http://www.lukas.elibdrift.dk/
Contact person: Mr. Olof Dannberg
Email: olof.dannberg@slu.se

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Homepage: http://www.naturvardsverket.se/en/In-English/Start/About-the-Swedish-Environmental-Protection-Agency/Library/
Catalogue: http://www.naturvardsverket.se/Start/Om-Naturvardsverket/Biblioteket/Primo-Naturvardsverkets-bibliotekskatalog/
Contact person: Ms. Ulrika Domellöf Mattsson
Email: Ulrika.Domellof-Mattsson@naturvardsverket.se

The Swedish Film Institute Library
Homepage: http://www.sfi.se/sfi/smpage.fwx?page=5673
Aleph catalogue:
Contact person: Ms. Inger Lagerros
Email: inger.lagerros@sfi.se

The Swedish Institute of Children´s Books
Homepage: http://www.sbi.kb.se/engindex.html
Aleph catalogue:
Contact person:

Umeå University Library
Homepage: http://www.ub.umu.se/eng_default.htm
Aleph catalogue: http://album.umu.se/F
Contact person: Ms. Anna Swärd Bergström
Email: Anna.Sward.Bergstrom@ub.umu.se

University West
Homepage: http://www.bibliotek.hv.se/extra/pod/?module_instance=4
Aleph catalogue: http://sofia.hv.se/F
Contact person: Ms. Monica Ljung
Email: monica.ljung@hv.se


National Institute For Working Life is closed

The Catalogue of Library of the National Institute For Working Life is now avalible as a subset of union catalogue LIBRIS

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